1. Our Services

  • Conducting trademark searches and providing professional advice
  • Preparing and filing trademark applications in China
  • Prosecution of trademark applications in China
  • Handling trademark oppositions, cancellations, and invalidations
  • Preparing and recording assignments and trademark licenses
  • Renewal of trademark registrations

2. Trademark Fees


1 Class 2 Classes 3 Classes
Trademark Search US $100 US $180 US $240

The search report is provided in English (or Chinese , if you prefer).

Alternative Option: THE IDENTICAL MARK SEARCH (word mark only) >>> FREE
Please contact us.

From Application to Certification

1 Class 2 Classes 3 Classes
Filing Application Attorney fee US $400 US $550 US $650
Official fee RMB 300=$45 RMB 600=$90 RMB 900=$135
Registration Attorney fee Free Free Free
Official fee 0 0 0
Express cost Free Free Free
Total US $445 US $640 US $785

If an office action(s) (i.e., Notification of Reasons for Rejection, etc) is issued, additional fees will be incurred depending on the complexity of the case. Our fees to respond to the office action are still lower than most other Chinese agencies. For details, please contact us.

3. Information Required for a Trademark Application

  • Applicant’s name and address
  • Applicant’s nationality
  • Trademark (for a figurative mark, Image data - JPEG (in white and black ), 300dpi, 1039*673 dots or less
  • Goods and/or Services(Only 10 items can be selected, and there will be additional fees for the extra one by 25$/one item.
  • (Optional) Priority application number, date, and country

4. Flow Chart

5. Trademark FAQ

I live outside of China. Can I directly file an application for trademark registration with the China Trademark Office?

No. You need a Trademark Agent of China to act as your agent and file the application on your behalf. Furthermore, under Chinese trademark law, only Trademark attorneys are allowed to conduct registration procedures.

What is the duration of trademark rights?

10 years from the registration date. Rights can be renewed every ten years thereafter.

What is the time frame from filing a trademark application up to registration?

About 12 months for a straightforward case. and 9 months for examination and 3 months for publication.

Can collective marks be registered in China?


Must a trademark be in use to be registered?

No. However, you must have an intention to use the mark.